Monday, October 19, 2015

Pangandaran Challenging

Pangandaran is located in the southern part of West Java. Here are known for having interesting and rich culinary sea. But you need to know if in addition to beaches, Pangandaran has a variety of holiday activities can be adrenaline. For those of you who are looking for exciting tourist destinations, Pengandaran could be an option.

1. Body Rafting. Green Canyon in Pangandara has become interesting sites to see the natural beauty of the cliffs and rocks. Here you also enjoy exciting activities such as rafting body. You can navigate the river flows within 2-3 hours. To down the river, you will be equipped with a float and guided by the guide.

2. Roaming Goa. Pangandaran has many caves with a different history. The most popular is the stage that have the cave tombs and often used as a symbolic attraction mystical. For pengunjungi can navigate Parat cave that is in the woods. After a distance of 500 meters you will see the beautiful white sand.

3. Flying Fox. You can try your adrenaline challenge with flying fox activity in the Park Nature reserve. Flying fox span distance of about 300 meters across the river flow Ciborok.

That Pangandaran challenging tour that you can try to boost your adrenaline.

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