Sunday, October 18, 2015

Job Interview Tips To Qualify

Each graduate student will want to immediately have a job. However, to get a job is not easy. You have to compete with other applicants were also keen to get the job done.

In looking for a job one important thing is the job interview. Many job applicants failed because the interview. Here are tips to pass the job interview.

1. Prepare the "tools" you. What is meant here is a portfolio tool that you prepared. The portfolio contains about your work you've ever made before. With the portofoio you can convince prospective company you work for later.

2. Avoid red tie. According to research conducted by Durham University, the color red can cause adverse effects during a job interview. Because merwah colors tend to look aggressive and full of anger.

3. Shake hands firmly. In this phase, the handshake is very important in a job interview. According to research conducted at the University of Iowa in 2008, amid shake firmly, especially for women will make you stand out from the other candidates. The work pecari a rule already preparing how they act to avoid bad things caused. But too often they forget how to shake hands. This is because the company will assess pentik first impression you apply in the company.

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